Caricatures by Tom Milutinovic


CARICATURES are offered as either "QuickDraw Caricatures" or "Studio Commissions"


"QuickDraw Caricatures" are done live and in-person at special events.

Corporate sponsors can choose to have their logo and event name & date pre-printed onto a custom border design.

This serves to reinforce their brand awareness on the attendee's special souvenir.

People will always be reminded of where and when they got drawn as well as who had sponsored their "free caricature".

Caricatures are treasured for years.

Watch as Tom literally "Draws a Crowd" at your special event.

Events may include:

Birthday Parties
Bridal Showers
Wedding Receptions
Retirement/Staff Parties
Stampede Events
Trade Shows/Conventions
Office Staff
etc. etc. etc.

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Great Idea:
Photocopy your caricature and let the kids have fun coloring them in at home!
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color vs. line art caricature


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"Studio Commissions" are typically completed by working off of photo references.

These might be for recognition of a co-worker who may be moving, retiring after years of service, or celebrating some work-related achievement.

They can be delivered with full matting and framing, or just the artwork which the Client can arrange for the final framing.

There are several options for the final art: black line art, grayscale (includes shading) or full color.

It might be a simple head & shoulders, full body, or include detailed background.

Additional people, animals, specific years and makes of vehicles (e.g., motorcycles, boats, cars, etc.) add to the cost as they also require more research & time to draw.

Studio Caricatures

Plan a special gift for that special person/couple/group by requesting a full color caricature complete with detailed background, either delivered framed or unframed!

These are great as Corporate Recognition Awards, Retirement Gifts, Birthday Gifts …

… in fact, some very thoughtful, romantic people have even planned ahead by getting a Wedding Proposal caricature completed as part of the "popping the question" scenario!

(MORE SAMPLES TO COME … Stay Tooned …)
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