Caricatures by Tom Milutinovic


ILLUSTRATIONS by Tom Milutinovic

Need something to jazz up your newsletter or magazine article?

Tom is a commercial artist, so he does much more than just caricatures.

Tom has been illustrating since BEFORE computers appeared on everybody's desk … or lap … or pocket!

Illustrations by Tom Milutinovic

From comic books to activity books to interactive games, Tom has written and created games and activities for a variety of purposes, from educational to pure entertainment. He also has performed entertaining live "visualization" presentations for corporate meetings.

Give Tom a call to see how his creative input and sense of humor can add sizzle to your words/ideas.

Illustrations by Tom Milutinovic Sample Sheet 2018


Although Tom originally worked on Client's computers for various projects in the mid-80s, later he started exploring how the computer could become just another expensive drawing tool within his own studio in order to take his work through the 90s and into the 21st century.

Tom had developed a number of interactive animations and games using Flash in the 90s, but with the advent of smartphones and tablets in the 21st century, work completed using Flash became an outcast on the internet -- proving to be a frustrating waste of time, money and effort for many innovative artists on the world wide web. Expect to see some new animations here in the near future ...

Nowadays, most of Tom's work is ultimately done on computers as digital art. The benefits to this method of working are numerous.

1. What did we ever do before the invention of the "Undo" button? Before computers, if a mistake or accident occurred during the creation of final art, it could take hours to correct. Now we can go back a moment in computer time and treat errors as if they never even happened.

2. Stability of hardware & software. Computers and software are also more stable than they used to be, so it is now a rare occasion for the program to crash or for the computer to freeze up. It is still important to save your file frequently.

3. Internet connections now buy more time for the artist to complete their work. Before the computer age, if our artwork had to get from one side of the country to the other, we would have to send it via courier or deliver it personally to an aircraft cargo location so that it could travel by plane for hours and eventually get picked up/delivered to the final destination. Now we can upload it to a webpage or email it directly to the client moments after the work is complete, so this adds hours or even days to our deadline.

4. Animation used to require scores of people working in studios working with expensive equipment. Don't get me wrong ... it still does ... but now a small team of people (or even just one person) can create and publish their own works using a home computer!


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