Caricatures by Tom Milutinovic


"SMILE and the world smiles with you …"

This is the NEW world on the web (formerly to showcase the humourous art stylings and musings of TOM MILUTINOVIC.

Tom has been a professional artist specializing in cartoons and caricatures since the early '80s as a freelancer, culminating in the incorporation of Pennan Inc. in 1988.

Tom has also partnered with other artists in a handful of other art-related business ventures over the years but now works out of his studio at Pennan Inc.

This is a new site, so keep in mind that it is still a "work-in-progress". Feel free to browse around the samples online, and come back from time to time to see the new stuff he'll be uploading.

Tom will be updating with samples of animation, more silly cartoons, some interesting educational art & humour-related material and MUCH MORE!

Tom's motto: "Smile and the World Smiles with You ..."

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"WISIWYG" = "What I See Is What You Get"

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