Caricatures by Tom Milutinovic


CREATIVITY WORKSHOPS using ART & HUMOUR with Tom Milutinovic

Tom has developed and teaches Drawing and Humour Workshops for children and adults. Tom can cater the content to the abilities and levels of the participants, whether children in Grade 3 to adults with little or no drawing experience.

Tom can also teach you to discover your inner comedian with his innovative techniques guaranteed to strike your funny bone and discover, develop and nurture your own sense of humour.

Workshops by Tom Milutinovic

Art and humour can be very therapeutic & meditative --having a great effect on reducing mental stresses of the modern world.

Before he became a professional commercial artist & graphic designer over thirty (30) years ago, Tom had earned his Bachelor of Science majoring in Psychology at the University of Calgary.

(MORE TO COME … Stay Tooned …)

"WISIWYG" = "What I See Is What You Get"

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Mobile/text: 403-630-9888
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